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Sciolaro going To TNA? should i aim for this goal

well i have talked to TNA and they want me to send in alot of videos so here is the ? should i do this and work my way in to TNA or shot for WWE?

Discussion started by sciolaro , on 06 August 01:53 PM
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i hear what u guys are saying
Thursday, 12 August 2010 17:23
You gotta go for both. How can you not. Unless you have an insight to the subject and you know that if you wait you are 100% sure you will get WWE. Its tough, but there is no guarntee in wrestling. Piss off the wrong person and you get stuck at the bottom of the card or fired. And if you wait for WWE, you might wait forever. BUt if you actually get a shot at TNA, who knows, WWE will notice you there, but by then you could be happy in TNA and tell WWE to suck it for passing on you
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 09:26
jamie mac
yeah in know, thats the truth! for every one person who makes it there must be a thousend that dont.... but dont be discouraged.... like i said in a Email a few weeks back, it only takes one person to say yes one time, and you've got a foot in the door...

in this world of buzz words, one that never get thrown about is the most important word of them all: percistance.

keep going friend, as the old wrestlemaina add use to say 'only those who chase dreams, are the ones who catch them....'
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 03:22
im trying man its hard
Sunday, 08 August 2010 18:50
jamie mac
im with joey, the two dont have to be exclusive, just getting your name out there has to be step one..... and youve taken that!
try the Vince Russo approach, and contact those near the top who are more likley to take the time to watch the videos and reply (he famously sought out Linda rather than Vince, and the rest is history) but keep trying friend!
Saturday, 07 August 2010 14:59
thanks guys lol look me up on youtube just type sciolaro in the search bar and i have two videos
Saturday, 07 August 2010 12:48
El Manuel
The good thing is that TNA would allow you to work indies and gain experience...WWE has FCW in that area but if you join up with them you are locked into it. It would also give you experience though. I'm with Joey, try both and go with the first one that gives you an offer! lol

Where can I see video of you? I want to see your in ring action and promo work so I can give my input on gimmicks.
And I like that red mask...I'm somewhat of a mask connoisseur
Saturday, 07 August 2010 06:22
Try Both?
Friday, 06 August 2010 16:31

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